Monday, December 13, 2010

Not a fan but watched it anyway. and the result?

So last weekend we were in our hometown, Alor Setar. Attending a wedding (which I will blog about it later) and to fulfill my crave for crab :P ( My mom said she has to berebut ketam dengan this lady at pasar because there were not much left. hehehe) and of course my mom got 12s and that lady 4 :P

Anyway, since we were at my parent's, we decided to go for a 'date' on that Saturday night. We seldom do this these days. I mean just the 2 of us. Leaving Hariz with my mom and my sisters to play with, we thought why not? But no fancy dinner watsoever (blame it on the stuffed crab we had earlier :P), we decided to watch a movie instead.

Mind you  there's not much of entertainment here in Alor Setar but they had this one good cinema called Big Cinema. and it's just a few minutes away from my home. We left home at 8.30pm to catch the 9.00pm movie. Hariz should've been sleeping by then. (he usually sleeps at 9pm - 9.30pm. nothing later than that).

Unfortunately there were only 2 movies shown that night. This Narnia and Repunzel ( I swear I should've watch Repunzel!!! *regrets*)

Anyway, the movie lasts for 2 hours (yeah that long). I would say .. err.. well.. really I'm not much of a Narnia fan. I would say Harry Potter's is much much better. My level of excitements from the beginning till the end of the movie was 1 out of 10. yeah that flat. Maybe the talking animals and kanak-kanak is too much for my *ahem* adulthood :P

So we got home at around 11pm thinking Hariz would be fast asleep by then. HA HA. I was wrong! He was happily running around with no signs of going to bed! My mom said he had 2 bottles of milk and 3 pcs of bahulu! Giler hyper dah!

And I had a tough time to put him to bed. I had to force him to sleep and I think in the end, he gave up somewhere around 12am. Haih. 

So the bottom line is, Narnia sucks! Big time! hahahaha (Narnia fans please don't be mad. This is just my personal opinion. Huhuhuu :P )


reena said...

I'm not a fan of Narnia too. But i think this time punya Narnia better skit than previous one. Narnia ni citer dia memang tak best, tapi kitaorang jugak because of dia punya production value.

::Ida:: said...

hmm... maybe it is better than before but still... not a favorite :P production value? lagi mak tak tau! :P