Friday, December 10, 2010

See my bling bling?

I've always been a fan of pumps, flats, ballerina whatever you called it. As long as it has no heels higher than 1 inch :P

Flats works best for me because One, I had a huge feet. B, I can't really balance myself very well on heels! ( I had an experience once where my I've got twisted ankle from wearing a wedge from Blay! (totally banned that brand) and 3, I walk faster in flats! heeeee..

So during my last trip to KL, we went to the Gardens, I've decided to just do a window shop at Hush Puppies (next to Nine West). and suddenly my eyes fell on this shiny thing on the rack. I can't help myself and ask for the size and try it on. It was soooo comfortable. Like I can dance with it! and sooo friggin soft!

I had a tough time deciding whether or not to buy. but in the end, I just close my eyes and pay for it. The next thing I know, it's mine! Wohoooo!!

So I wore it today to work. It's Friday after all. It's casual day! :D

Wan keep teasing me 'tu.. batu dia dah jatuh!' and I will like 'mana?? mana???"

Ugh.. men.. they're just jealous :P

So that's my last shoes purchase for this year. Konon menutup tirai 2010 la :P Hehehe.

As if! :P 

Oh just to add to that note, I am glad HP is now started to have a good sense in designing new shoes to meet the current needs and trends. 

There was one time when HP's shoes only suitable for grannies. (soory grannies. no offend!). So now my eyes will be on HP. Not Clarks :P 

Looking forward for more new designs from HP!


reena said...


Love the color, love the bling-bling!

I love flats/sandal/flip flop ONLY kalau tak tutup belakang. Anything yang tutup belakang memang i banned. Jealous tengok orang boleh pakai ballerina flats! :P

Papakeechee said...

cantik!!! the blingies are sgt clear in the second pic ... hehehhe

||kiena|| said...

wooooohu! pretty n comfort things always make us hunger! ;P

::Ida:: said...

reena : kaann??? hehehe.. ader lagi 2 designs but this one lagi besaq bling2 dia :P

why u tak leh pakai tutup blakang? got blisters izit? huhuhu

papakechee : heyy you!!! where have u been!!! lama tak tengok u here! :)
hehe.. i tried to get it closer but nnti retak pulak my lens :P

kiena : i know right?? heheheh

ajjah said...

omG.. sangat cute... :)

Rina NAR said...

omg..Lovely!!!!i hv same taste like u la.....mmg 'crazy nut' ngn kasut2 patrn mcm tuh hehehehe....must check out HP ni :) ..dear i follow u k..

Elin said...

same la..suka flat juga....tambah2 nk dukung bb skrg..hehe.

psssttt...cun ar kasut tu....i loikee...

Papakeechee said...

ngah ngah ngah!!! been busy la .. my adiks getting married this weekend ... soo i'll be missing in action again ya ... btw the more i look at ur shoes tu the more I berkenan la plak .... ^_^

p!nkerton said...

cantikk! (part hubby u teasing batu jatuh tu tak tahan tu hahaha) ;P
u nampak sgt cun je pakai flat sbb u kurus & tinggi. i teringin sgt nak pakai flats tapi tak sesuai dgn i sbb ..(malas nak mention nnt sakit hati sendiri ;p)

::Ida:: said...

ajjah : kaann??? i loikee!!! heheh

rina nar : hai!! i daahh lamaaa carik something like this tapi slalu takde size! once dah jumpe apa lagik!!!! hehehe :)

elin : tu laa. flats senang. dah la nk dukung tu satu hal, nak kejar2 lagi :P mau terkehel pakai heels :P

papakechee : wohhh! no wonder laa.. heheh.. aritu i tgk kat hp gurney mcm takde.. maybe lambat sket sampai kot.

pinkerton : hahaha.. hubby i mmg dengki bab2 kasut nih sbb my collection lagi byk dari dia :P

huhuhu.. i tak lama lagi gemok la balik.. ni sementara jaaaa :P