Wednesday, December 8, 2010

We have a winner!

 Hi guys! I'm so sorry for the long hiatus on my blog. I will resume writing my blog starting today. I promise! Scout's honor! :)

So to start off today's entry, it would be best for me to announce the contest winner wouldn't it? :) It was a tough call. I had to go through all entries over and over and make sure which will last on my brain longer :P

Without further ado..... the winners for the Waneedaz 1st Giveaway are....

4th Place

3rd place 
-melly mello-

2nd place

1st place

~*Congratulations everyone!!*~

Kindly email at idayezid[at] me your details and contact so I could send all those fabulous prize soon!

For those who had sent their entries, thank you so much for participating. Fret not. There'll be more giveaways coming up. :)
Thank you so much and keep supporting Waneedaz!!! :D


*Idina* said...

Wooohoooo~ Yay! Thanks ida!!!!

reena said...

Congrats winners!

Welcome back Ida!

::Ida:: said...

idina : no problem! congrats!!! :D

reena : its good to be bacckk!!!!! hhehe.. (macam la pegi mane je pon kan :P)

ajjah said...

congrats winners..!

melly mello said...

yeay !! thanks sys :)