Thursday, December 9, 2010

Is going to KL called a vacation?

Going to KL for a vacation has been our annual event since 2 years ago. What's so great about KL? Why not Pangkor? or Terengganu? Some place where you can really chill and unwind? hoho.. really? Chill and unwind? Unless you don't have a 1 year old toddler that is on exploring stage, then you can unwind :P

So basically, I've been craving for the IKEA's meatball. (of all foods!!!!) I know so lame right? And somehow last week was the perfect timing for us to pack our bags and head down to KL. Another best part is, we've got free accommodation!!! Heheh.. apparently my sisters are staying in KL so apa lagi, tumpang la. Benda free. Lagi mau tunggu :P

Anyway, IKEA was the first destination once we arrived in KL. 3pm on Saturday is definitely not the best of time to go there. The queue to the car park was long but luckily, by the time we entered the car park, they closed the gate :P And we're so lucky that we found a parking space just after a few minutes. 

If you are from KL, you must be shaking your head now because of the timing. Hah! Perfect! The store couldn't be any more crowd. Full with peoples taking photos, posing on the couch, talking and strolling as if they were walking at the park. *sigh*

So we quickly get the stuff we needed and headed to the cafe and boy, the queue was even worst! Don't get me start on finding seats for us. 

Well to cut the story short, I managed to get my meatballs after few hours. :) Didn't managed to get any photos because we left the camera in the car. Bummer!

It's a must to take a self portrait :P

So the next day, we went to Sunway Pyramid. Just because I wanted to go to the Cotton On Kids. Unfortunately the had nothing much to offer for the boys. More towards girls I think. Arghh!!! sangat comel okeh semua the dresses! The tutus!! Kept telling myself, beli je, mana tau nanti boleh pakai. Yeah right. *eyes rolling*

I had to let this little fella loose while we were waiting for our food to arrive. Kalau idak macam cacing kepanasan! Gelisah!

I love this shot. We were just hanging out at this part of the sunway pyramid and Hariz just love to run around. 

We went to Midvalley the next day with my dad because Wan went to the motorshow at the PWTC. He said the show was a disappointment. There were not many international cars (hence the word International Motorshow). Most of them were locals, Japan's and among others.

Kesian dia. Tak berbaloi stuck in traffic for more than 1 hour just to reach there and another 1 hour to get out from there. 

Anyway, we had a fun filled trip this time. (minus a large hole in our pocket) :P Now I have to refrain myself from shopping for the whole month!! (do you think I could do that?)


*Idina* said...

hehe~ Hariz bertambah2 comel!!! Geram!! =p

dieha said...

awat ida makin cantik sgt...awat hariz makin comey..ajaq kak pakai tudung..please..

||kiena|| said...

Ida, my weekend also filled with shopping! a BIG spender =P so let's start refrain! but still thinking on ZARA jeans! haih, dok terkenang dr ari sabtu sampai la ni,.. owh,.. =S

::Ida:: said...

idina : hehehe.. tapi makin kurus. huhuhu... buas sangat :P

dieha : hahaha.. mana adaaaaa *blush*
hariz pon dah susut sket badan. huhu.. hehe.. alo.. ida tak reti ler nk ajo2 ni.. uhuhuhu. nnti ada masa ida try k :)

kiena : i know rigghhhtt!!! balik opis bukak online shopblog pulak! haihhh!!

ezura evenstar said...

IKEA Meatball...always the BEST~!!! droolingggg....;)