Friday, January 14, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge - By shaeliza

I'm in luck to sign up for this challenge today because it's the last day!!!

Thanks to ajjah, or I would've missed this contest :(

Hurry!! Today is the last day to enter!!! (14th January 2010)
You can get more info at Sha's blog

Don't want to take part but want to join the fun?
 Follow me here on my special blog made for this challenge :D


Unaizah said...

Good luck dear!!

Hanafedora said...

Maldives??? Oh Em Gee I love maldives... And why 3 times?

Hanafedora said...

Hello Ida :) Ida kan? My darling Aimie told me that you're into designing?

::Ida:: said...

unaizah : thanks dear!!

hana : why 3 times? because i had 3 marriages, so 3 honeymoons :P hahaha kidding! went there for work. huhuhu.. so not really pleasure. :(

and yes! im into designing! :D u mean blog design right?

Hanafedora said...

Yes yes blog design... I'm looking for a person who can design a customized blog template.. :) if you do any let me know :)

::Ida:: said...

hana : that's me!!! hehehe.. fyi, i do the whole design for my current blog *wink *wink.

do drop me an email on what u want for your blog, how do you want it. i do have some samples in my design blog kraftypalette.

or maybe you have a few inspirations that you would like to have similar to your blog. anything! maybe we can work something out :)