Monday, January 17, 2011

My new found hapiness

I realized I've been spending too much money on things I don't really need.Like shoes, handbags, clothes, scarves to name a few! And the only one thing that I haven't really spend on is a good wallet.

I've been using the same old wallet bought from MNG (on sale!) for almost a year now and it has become, well, worn off. Because I tend to buy cheap things without ever thinking it's quality. Like they said, " it's cheap ma.. buy some more!" Yeah right *eyes rolling*

I always been a fan of marc jacobs. I think his design is fresh and not too old fashion ( and less selling fake). One item that I've been eying for quite sometime is this Marc Jacobs Hillier Hobo. 

source :

I know this one is still a looonnggg way to go (even though I can afford it but I'm saving for more important stuff :( )

Oh did I mentioned I love their wallets too? This one in particular :

I don't really mind the colours tho. As long as it's this! :P

So when Shila told me that she's selling one, I jumped! I was sooo excited that I might finally get what I dreamed for (so melodramatic :P) and I quickly emailed here to purchase it when she put it on her blog for sale. The price? It's cheaper than what I expected?? So why should I wait??????

Wanna see my new babe? Hehehe.. (malu).. well here it is! Feast your eyes!!!

Thanks Shila for making one of my dream came true (cewahhh!) :P


reena said...

Heyyy i love MJ Hillier Hobo in tan/brown too!! Bila nak dapat ntah..Hehe.

lisa said...

Ida, for your info, Marc Jacobs and marc by Marc Jacobs tu two different labels (price pun jauh beza).. marc by marc jacobs tu kira anak la..yg marc jacobs punya yg famous amos bag tu Stam bag. I googled hihi..

I rasa bag and purse yg u refering tu marc by marc jacobs hillier hobo :)

and kaler merah purse tu cantik gila ok! I wish I can have one too, tapi x mampu :(

::Ida:: said...

reena : i know right?? huhuhu.. tah bila.. they said if you keep on dreaming insyallah one day akan dapat . tapi tak tau bila la :P

lisa : hi lisa! ahh. yes yes. MBMJ. should've put that at 1st place :P

its not red, its actually bright orange!!!! hehehhehe but its still cantikk!!!!!

Suzie said...

i know the price..hehe..yeah this is yg i tanya u kat twitter tu,dah selamat dlm genggaman ya?
btw yup hobo tu mmg cun :)

::Ida:: said...

suzie : ya betol!! hahah.. i flew to KL to pick this myself tau last weekend. takot post nnti hilang :P hehehe..


cantiknya sis! nak jugak! kalau ade blogshops jual ke ape... do share plsss hihi...

Zulaikha Mohamad said...

I love that MBMJ Hillier Hobo too.. The leather is so soft, best giler pkai.. hehe.. Semangat u siap turun KL amek sendiri purse tuh.. hehe.. I still using my Braun Buffel purse, almost 3 years already and still in a very good condition, kene rajin g polish slalu.. hehe.. but, I'm eyeing this LV Sarah wallet.. aaarrggghH~ in my dreams.. haha.. dgn harga camtu baik beli handbag kot.. hahaha

Rina NAR said...

waaaaaa teruja teruja!!! ges what i'm still using my old black braun buffel purse for more thn 5 yrs dah...sadis!!! :(

p!nkerton said...

wahh merah, mengancam! i pun suka hilier hobo tu, cun pliss! tapi tak terbeli2 sbb bila pikir, ala mcm byk lagi benda nak beli ;p guess pun ada yg design lebih kurang tu kan, tapi tak best la sbb it's Guess kan? hahaha *kedekut tapi banyak songeh* ;p

::Ida:: said...

zafirah : mmg cantik!!! u mean which bag? the hillier or wallet? u can try this blog

tapi yg ni mmg direct from store la and of course a little expensive. huhuhuhu

zulaikha : hahaha.. takde le.. i kebetulan ade meeting in KL. hehehe.. so menyelam sambil minum ayaqqq :P

rina : wahh.. seems like braun buffel is a good wallet toO! ive never had a good wallet. this is the 1st. so make it the best!! :D

pinkerton : ya betol!! its not mbjb! thats the problem!! hahaha :P