Monday, January 31, 2011

Attention please!

Paging for Ms. Arena Ahmad.
Please email me very soon because your gift is with me.
I got a return mail from poslaju.
Don't know whether wrong address or never picked up.

Please contact me soon!!


arenaahmad said...

mailed! =)

Mummylicious said...

1. poslaju actually returns unmailed packages?! seriously?

2. you are getting spammed a lot dear

::Ida:: said...

arena : got it!!! and replied!! ;)

mummylicious : 0. where have u been missing???? i kinda missed you... NOT!!! :P how are you?? why you stopped blogging?? why why why?? (okay drama)

1. yes they actually did! i got a few of those. especially if no one picks up the parcel at the poslaju's office.

2. grrr i know right?? im a bit reluctant to enable the words verification. would be a trouble for some. or should i?

Maya said...

now... your blog so inspired me.. full of colors.. :D thank you & keep it up!

::Ida:: said...

hi maya! thank you!!!
nnti try kaler bright2 pulak :P