Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I am surrendering

Well I tried to commit to this contest but when I had an 'accident' few days ago, this contest has been so-called, abandoned. I've missed few days of photos which I would really love to post on the blog and share with all of you.

Anyhow, I had a lot of fun for 12 days of photos. All the best for those who are still participating. Keep it up and thanks Sha for this wonderful contest. (huhuhu.. sedih pulak).

I still have a lot of photos in my hard disc that I would love to share with you. Stay tuned and I will keep on blogging whenever I can :)

Last but not least :

Happy Chinese New Year to all my Chinese friends!!!

p/s :oh by the way, I will keep the blog up until the final day. Just to show my support ;) 


dona::rose said...

Congratulations ida, I saw that you got an award from makincuteblogs.com!

::Ida:: said...

Hehe thanx dona! Tak sempat lagi nak buat an entry about it. Banyk sangat aktiviti cuti nih :P btw met dodos n pitt tadi! Finally! :)