Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year , New Look!

It's only day 4th on the new year of 2011. I still haven't wish you Happy New Year. Well Happy New Year! :P

New year always starts with a new resolution. For me, every year is just another year. My resolutions are meant for every day. Not just new years and of course to be better in everything I do.

So to start of this new year, first of all, I'm going to give my own blog a makeover :).
I've been with this design and layout for quite some time now. I guess it's time for me to give a face lift. A new look and feel so you know it's a new change! Well in a good way :)

As you all know, my design blog, Krafty Pallette has been up and running for almost a month. I still have yet received any orders which is fine because with work been piling up, I'm afraid blog design job has to be delayed.

But fret not, new orders are most welcome. But do expect a slight delay on delivery :)

If you've notice, I've started changing my entry font. Wanna make it look a little bit more formal but still has it's playful side :) What do you think?

And for those Wannedaz Giveaway winners, I know I still owe you my present :( I'm so sorry for long delay. I won't promise this time though but that is one of my new resolution, to mail them asap!!!


Papakeechee said...

oh!!! i love the new font ... cantik!!! *clap clap* ^_^

::Ida:: said...

Yeay thank you!!! now im so bersemangat to change my header and background etc :P

eeqa~ said...

waiting for your 2011 header ! :)

::Ida:: said...

me toO!!! still brainstorming on how the header would be like :D

Suzie said...

i ada plan nak minta tolong u buat full makeover n don't mind bpe u nak charge..hehe..sempena kelahiran baby nanti :) tp masa tu u pun tgh heavily pregnant >_<

::Ida:: said...

hi suzie!! boleh no problem!
just let me know how and what you want, nanti i'll try to work something out :D

heheh.. heavily pregnant takpe. janji idea and mood ade :P

rizaros said...

salam kak..
cntik nyer header kt blog satu lagi..
mana kakdptkn header n font tu??
maaflah tnya.. :)

::Ida:: said...

hi rizaros,

header tu buat sendiri :)
and font from fontforpeas :D

Drama Mama said...

cantik cantik cantik...me likey!


rizaros said...

buat sendiri?? akk guna apa?? photoshop ker?? waa kreatiflah... bestnyer dpt buat header sndiri:)