Monday, January 3, 2011

Y.E.S! (Year End Saving)

So like every where I go now they are all YES. Year End Sale. Do you think this is the great time to save which is shop during sale? Absolutely not! All I know, you are tend to buy things you don't really need whenever you see this sale banner everywhere you go. For instance, do you need an anti-wrinkle cream when you hardly had any wrinkles? But it's on sale!!!! How can I not have it??!!!

Yeah, that's what happened to me recently. *sigh*

I've been pacing in front of this Himalaya store for quite a number of times when I saw the 80% sign. Finally I've decided to have a look what the fuss is all about.

Indeed they were having a great 80% off!!! (on certain product that is)

Than I quickly ask :

Me : What item is 80% off?" (everyone should ask that now wouldn't we? :P)

Promoter : Oh.. now this anti-wrinkle cream is only RM10!

Me : (whattt???? you f*cking kidding me????) oh really?

Promoter : Yes! and this night cream is only RM6

Me : (are you sure you're not s*itting me???) owh. that cheap.

Promoter : Yes indeed. So if you want it, better take them all (there were like 6 of them on the shelves). The offer ends today (smiling)

Me : hahaha... okay.. I won't take all but i'll take both cream for now :P

So here I am, with this 2 creams that I hardly used that I bought on sale.Which is totally absurd! Wan says "laaa.. awat tak beli 10???" *eyes rolling*

On another note, we had another saving on buying a shelf. This is really a money saving shelf because Wan made it himself :)

The corner used to be empty and we thought of buying a shelf to fit in our pans and pots. But most of the shelf won't fit the corner. So finally Wan had to made one up.

Quite neat I would say *pat on his back* (seriously, I have to credit this to him because I know he is reading my blog :P . HAhaha.. I know you are! :P

So to end up my 2010, I didn't go out to celebrate or have dinner. We just sit at home and be thankful to Allah for all the things He have done for us and

Hello 2011!!!!


dieha said...

wah..pandainya wan create...ada space yg leh di manfaatkan..kan ida...

ajjah said...

nice job with the racks.. :)
and the creams are super cheap, kalau i guna, mesti i beli lebih sebab murah.. n menyesal bila balik rumah nanti hehe

::Ida:: said...

dieha : ehem.. jgn puji lebih2.. he's reading this blog too :P

ajjah : eheh..he must be kembang by now :P my parents datang n said "this is done by same people yg do your cabinet ke?" hehehe :P
i know right? i siap kata nak expired kot?? haha.. but not really la.. huhuhu.. harus malam ni apply both. biar berlemoih2 muka :P

CiKaYu said...

creative & talented....sekali pandang cam shelf kat ikea.... bravo!

::Ida:: said...

cikayu : yeah?? hehehe.. tankiu2.. :D boleh amik order next time neh. tapi dekat sebulan la baru siap :P

Siti said...

talented sungguh en wan itu..
come in 1 package =)..lucky you!

::Ida:: said...

tanx siti! i guess i am! :D

p!nkerton said...

murahnya! kalau i jumpa pun kompemm beli hihi.. hey nice shelf! kemas & nampak sgt useful. terer2 :D

::Ida:: said...

pinkerton : i terpengaruh dengan harga murah! tapi sampai sekarang tak bukak2 lagi :P

fizayezid said...

Handy Manny!!! mesti wan suka tgk playhouse dismi ..pengaruh TV neehh.

Drama Mama said...

laaaaaaaaa dah takdak sale dah kaaaaaaa??? RM6 i soooo want it toooo!!!!

::Ida:: said...

fiza : hahaha.. ingat nak letak tajuk entry handy manny jugak :P

dramamama : haritu last day!!! :D