Monday, February 7, 2011

My very 1st design award

I would say that my design skills in bloggersphere is still quite new and there are still plenty of room for learning. Eversince I started designing blogs, I discover a lot of great design blogs and one of them is Makin' Cute Blogs. This blog really helped me learn a lot in designing blog template, blog header etc and i've got a lot of inspiration from this blog :)

And to be awarded by this blog is really such an honour!!!!!

Makin' Cute Blogs!  Tutorials. Inspiration. SEO. Freebies.

Thank you so much Carolynn for the award! 
You're such an inspiration! :)


Papakeechee said...

hey congrats!!! ... cam nak try jugak la ... heheh ... btw i am having my first GA la ... join la join la ^_^

::Ida:: said...

thank you dear!!! you should send your entry too!!! :D

wow! GA!! will definitely join the fun!!!