Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Another wedding photo

This is actually the 2nd part of my best friend's wedding , Pieja. (the reception). We were all suppose to wear purple for the wedding BUT since I've been pregnant and getting bigger, I can hardly find the best outfit for it. I found this maxi dress (something like kaftan) but the material is stretchable cotton with beaded around the neckline. I wore purple scarf to match with it. Okla kan? ade jugak purple :P

So the bride wore something like turqoise blue (more like a blue to me) or was I color blind?
Zaffa (left) had to leave early so this is the only photo with her in it. Nak pegi Padang Beso katanya. Takot tutup kot :P

Anyway, I love this photo of Hariz and my girls. Oh he knows how to pose in front of the camera. When I say 'Harizzzz... look (aiming the camera)', he will immediately smile.  Perfect!
Hariz makan cendol dengan mama and Dilia with her son , Dani.

 We wanted to take photo at the entrace because I love the lighting. But of course people keep coming in and out of the house through the door, terpaksa berhenti sambut tetamu saatt... :P

Okay I'm actually got work to do. Hence the writing in this entry is like blabla. Sorry guys.
 Now I had to juggle between this blog and KraftyPalette. I'm trying to keep up but I think I'm a little left behind.

On another note, I will be away for 3 days starting this Friday for a study trip organized by my company. This is an annual event for designers and architects. Last year's trip was to Ho Chi Minh city. So this year is to Singapore. I've been wanting to go since before I was pregnant. I hope I could still walk down that Orchard road without any trouble :P

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