Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Have you renew your IC yet?

I took a half day leave yesterday to go to make an IC replacement. Why? Well I sort of, kind of lost my IC. I know. Clumsy me. I just noticed that it was gone when I was about to check in my flight to KL. I was a bit nervous there when my IC was nowhere to be found! Luckily driver's license is accepted for check in. Phew! Or else, I would've missed my flight and the presentation in KL!!!! Giler!!!

This is my 1st time making an IC replacement so I have no idea whatsoever on the procedure. Luckily JPN's website made an elaborate description on how the procedure is like.

Since it was my 1st time and I lost it or tercicir, I had to make a police report saying that , well , I lost it. or it can be stolen, or whatever the reason you want it to be. The police report didn't take long to have it done. They do require details like How, When, Where : How the IC was gone, When did you realize it was gone, Where did you realize it was gone. So it's kinda crucial for you to have these 3 details. At the police station , they will type the letter for you and you have to pay RM4 for the report.

Later I went to JPN to have my IC done. I had to pay RM110 for the IC as RM100 for the fine of losing the IC and RM10 for the application. But if you've lost it for the 2nd time, it will be RM200 for the fine. 3rd time, RM300 and so forth. Kesimpulan nyer, sila jaga IC anda elok2 kalau tanak kena bayar beratus-ratus. Buat duit shopping lagi bagus. Huhuhuhu.

So anyway, the best part of making this IC is the photoshoot :P Too bad this IC has to be made when I'm 5 month pregnant and I look sooo gemok! huhuhu.. Takpela.. I think it is still okay than my old IC. Macam hantu!

See what I mean? Macam muka kena wipe off and jadi bersih :P

I wasn't sure whether we need to wear black scarf for the photo but I wore it anyway just to be safe. Mana tahu kang dia suruh pakai tudung hitam provided kan dah tak cun gambar :P

So now I've been carrying temporary IC. I hope in 3 weeks I will be getting my new IC as they promised. :)


Diary of One said...

me 4th time ni... mahalnya.. kad rosak!

reena said...

Lainnya muka u dalam IC lamaaaaa! LOL! :p

::Ida:: said...

diaryofone : rosak okay lagi. baru rm10. huhuhuhu. ni RM100. kopak!

reena : bukan lain. tu bukan muka i lansung!! hahahaha ;P time matrik kot tu. i was 18 :P

mar!ahaf!z said...

wow thats the price we hv to pay for losing an ic? kalau kene curi?

Zulaikha Mohamad said...

tuh la.. lain btol dlm IC lama tuh.. totally different.. hehe.. I rase bley la pkai tuudng warna lain coz mine is purple.. :-)

::Ida:: said...

maria : yes!! mahal gilaa!! kena curik pon consider hilang. tiada maaf bagi mu. huhuhu..

zulaikha : hahaha.. tu bukan aii!! mcm actress la, i pon ada orang ganti. hohohoh:P owh boleh ek? kalau corak2 boleh ke?

TheFusionTea said...

Love your blog. InsyaAllah it stays around.

::Ida:: said...

thefusiontea : well thank you! :D