Sunday, March 6, 2011

A surprise birthday

My dad and my baby sister was here for the weekend. Dad had to go to this golf thingy and along the way, he brought me our maid to help me with the house chores. Some huge pile of foldings and ironings and toilet scrubbing and floor mopping. Thank god for that! I did that the other weekend and ended up lying on my bed all day long because of the back pain. Tsk.

Anyway, Saturday was his birthday. So I decided to make him a little surprise. I went to the Secret Recipe and bought these 4 slices of cake. 1 whole is a little too big for the 4 of us.

That evening, I heard a few phone calls from my other siblings wishing him happy birthday except me. I just kept my silence he must be thinking that I forgot. Oh well :P

I don't know how many candles should I get for 56th birthday. 5 big candles and 6 small ones? Think that's a little too much for 4 slices, don't you think? So I took 1 instead. Just for the sake of it :P

Here's to another decade of another birthdays. Happy birthday Abah! I love you!!

Hariz ate almost the whole piece. Then later make a big poop out of it :P


asna said...

been ur silent reader before.not anymore la now..hehe

u really look alike ur father. in terms ur face la. coz xknl akak personally cmne..hehe

Rina NAR said...

Happy birthday to your sweet of you ;D...semoga panjang umur murah rezeki & di berkati Ilahi selalu Amin

::Ida:: said...

hi asna!!!now i can say hello to u because i know you're here!! :D

really i do look like my dad?
i think i look a lot like my mom :P heeee... like mcm her in her younger years :P

or maybe ade a bit like my dad. like father like daughter right? :D

rina : he definately will say thank you rina for the wish! :D
insyallah :)

rizaros said...
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asna said...

yup but based on the second picture la..maybe if look in real, wud be different..hehe

so,akak have to put ur mom's pic then. then i can analyse..haha *kidding*