Monday, March 14, 2011

When there were 6

A dear friend of mine got married over the weekend. I took an AL just to be at her solemnization on Friday.I would never missed my best friends' wedding! We've been friends since we were 14 and 13 years later, we are still good friends and always been keeping in touch with each other. We're practically like sisters. Something that I really treasure with my whole heart.

Pieja (the bride) told me she had this shoe custom made along with another pair. I was like 'they can do that?' Where have I been all these while?? The workmanship is so good. She said they can do any kind of shoes! OMG! I should've done this long time ago! Since I've been having trouble finding the perfect shoes!

Okay enough with the shoes. I wore this grey kaftan bought from this blog 3 weeks prior to the wedding. Nasib baik sempat sampai because it's a pre-order kaftan. I've tried chiffon type of kaftan before but I don't think that kind of material is suitable for pregnant women. I don't know. It just look weird. Especially at the belly part. Maybe because it's too soft. So it's kind of stick to your belly :P

{The bride and the not-so-bridesmaids}

The mosque is just a walking distance away from her home so we got there just in time after Asar. Luckily it rains right after we step foot in the mosque. Phew!

To our surprise, there were 2 more couples to be solemnized on that day! Imagine the crowd!

{Waiting anxiously}

It was close to 6pm when everything is settled. 
I was already hungry and drenched in sweat.

{the happy face of the bride}

Congratulations to darling Pieja and Bad!

So 4 down, 2 more to go :)

to be continued.......


Suzie said...

i dah recce blog tu,cantik2 kaftan kat situ but quite pricey juga ya

btw congrats to ur BFF :-)

::Ida:: said...

suzie : itula.. i had mine rm160 inclusive postage. boleh tahan jugak price dier. takpe pakai raya skali :P

zff said...

luv ue piejaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!

silvia Navarro said...

this is so cute....=)

Khairunnisa said...

nice photo...sad that i can't be there on the solemnization..huhuhuhu
cepat sket update yang 2nd part..make sure letak banyak sket gambar..;p
2 more to go eh?...hahahaha
saja kasi suprise sket tgu lelama..;p

::Ida:: said...

silvia : thank you!

kown : ala takpe.. at least you were there for the wedding :)

aku dah upload photo tapi mcam malas nak blog pulak. esok la kot :P
hehehe.. aku harap aku tak pregnant la kan time hang or maslia kawin :P