Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Visit to Rene's Residence

Hello gorgeous! I know I haven't been updating this blog for quite something (blowing dust). The truth is, I'm so occupied with work at the office and my design blog which has been part of my night shift :P

Anyway, I went to Singapore recently for a study trip organized by my company. It's an annual trip where we will visit some of the architecture in the country we are visiting.

So the 1st building we visited of the day was Mr. Rene Tan's residence Nestled in a delightful suburb of Watten Estate. Mr. Rene Tan is one of the founder of RT+Q architect firm in Singapore.

Anyway, this house is originally a terrace house and has been converted into sort of like a semi-d with a wading pool on the side of the house.

{clockwise : front facade, pool side, Mr. Rene Tan & our principal, Lillian Tay}

He was kind enough to give all of us a private tour of this house. This house has been featured in numerous books and magazines.

{clockwise : Rene showing the model of the house, spiral staircase, view from 2nd floor}

When we 1st reach this house, the 1st thing we saw was this cantilevered box on the 1st floor of the house and wondered what is inside the room.
His daughter's room! It was more like a showcase area with nicely arranged toys and books. I want this for my boy! :P

I still got more photos to share with you. Maybe the next entry??

To be continued....


Papakeechee said...

niceeeeeeeeee .... very creative ... pandai dia make use of the all the "limited space" around .... put up more pics nanti ya ^_^

::Ida:: said...

nice kan? can u imagine this lot has 20'wide x 40'long? or was it 60'? :P
but when you're inside the house, you don't feel small! amazing!

reena said...

I suka rumah macam ni!

::Ida:: said...

reena : kan? simple yet nice :)