Monday, April 11, 2011

Age is just a number. Well at least to me :)

I just turned 28 last April 6th. (yeay. happy birthday to me!) We had a mini celebration on that very day. Dinner at Kenny Rogers and went straight to Switch to get my birthday present :D Will reveal it at the bottom of this entry :D

Anywho, my dad and 2 sisters were here in Penang for the weekend. So I kinda 'asked' my dad do treat me for my birthday. :P We had lunch at TGiF and do a little shopping and that's it! At the end of the day, I realize I couldn't walk that much anymore. I was exhausted sleep at 11pm. That's kinda early for me. Normally it's either 12 or 1 :P

We had so much fun and Hariz was sport! He just loves to eat! He can actually eat anything and everything! and oh, he likes to share his food with everyone else :)

At this stage of my pregnancy, shopping for clothes is no longer my best of interests. I just wear whatever I can salvage from my wardrobe. And I still haven't really shop for our newborn which is this July! insyallah. Last time we have it scanned, it shows, well, a girl and I still hope it will stays that way :P

Whoever here thinks that they are fat and huge and big, well think again!!! Look at me!! I can't believe I look sooo big in this photo! It's the top. Definately the top.(in denial :P) I keep reminding myself this is just temporary. Huhuhuhu.

Eventhough my whole family wasn't there on my birthday, I am still blessed knowing they will always be there for me and loving me.

oh.. almost forgot about the present :P

I kinda 'wished' this to my hubby and the next thing i know 'jom pegi tengok your wacom!' i was like.. yeayyY!!!!!!!! 

So here it is, Wacom Bamboo Pen for my 28th birthday. This is too another way of showing how supportive he is with my design job :) (actually he said, i invested this so make sure you make a good return out of it) hehehe.. just kidding! No really. He said that. :P

So here's to another great year for me and my little family with another addition to come soon!!!!


reena said...

My bf ada Wacom Bamboo Fun. Sama tak dengan u punya ni? Anyway, happy (belated) birthday again! :D May Allah bless u always, Ida :)

::Ida:: said...

reena : i think fun punya lagi advance than this!! hehe.. mine ni beginner jeeee :P.. thanks reenaa!!!

Suzie said...

ok,now wait for my birthday present for u..hehe..
keep u wondering what it is *wink*

ezura evenstar said...

waaaa jeles over ur wacom~!!! my sis had one already and yaa me want it tooo but too bad...xcukup duit abis my money over my piano...huhu xper2 definitely next time...will join u in the wacom family soon~!!! hehehe

owh by the way kak ida happy birthday~!! and hariz look so cutee~!!! dh besar dh dier...xsabar nk main dgn dier(berangan sudah hehehe) ^_^

littlehumblelynn said...


happy belated birthday!!nampak besar dah perut tuh..apapun take care :)

Anonymous said...

Ida.. happy belated birthday.. Semalam macam t'nampak Ida kat Tesco Seberang Jaya.. betui ka?? takut nak tegur.. takut tersalah org.. hehe

::Ida:: said...

suzie : waahh.. tak sabar nyer aii!!! wonder what it iss!!!! hehehe

juju : alaa murah je ni juju. rm299. beli jeee :P hehe
nway thanks!!!

humblelynn : tu laa.. i rasa takde la besar sangat. baju kot :P hehe
thanks for the wish! :D

anon : haaa really?? betol la tuu!! memang pegi tesco pon semlm! awat tak tego jaaa!!?
nway thanks!! nnti kalau jumpa tego je tau.. yg perot besar tu mmg ai lahh :P

dona::rose said...

aww ida comey. from the very beginning I've been guessing that you're having a girl. Happy belated birthday!

::Ida:: said...

dona : really you did? hehehe.. i hope so too!! nway thankss!! :D

Jiji said...

Happy Belated birthday dear@!~

Age is just a number yeahhh in ur case it is a BIG number@!!~~~ *hickk*


Be blessed@!~

TheFusionTea said...

Aslmkum, happy belated birthday. You really had the best one with family around, Blessing.

::Ida:: said...

jijii!! apakaahhh ??? capital BIG??? hahahaha.. siott!!!! :P

nway thanksss *huggsss**

thefusiontea : wsalam and thank you!!! :)

Khairunnisa said...

yeay!!! Harizah is on the way..I can't wait for the new little princess..=)