Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Final post on Singapore Trip!

Finally! Took me almost 2 months to post this entry. *sigh*. I know. It took me forever to do everything now. That includes blog design. *ampuunn*. Anyway, some more photos of my no-so-recent trip to Singapore. We went to visit the new landmark for Singapore, the Marina Sands. But first, we headed to the Singapore City Gallery. This is where you can find the masterplan for the whole Singapore development and even models of the development! I wonder how long do they take to make all the models. Look at them!

Next, we went to the Singapore National Museum. The building is a mixture of colonial and modern design. 

 There was this one exhibition area, and the theme was 'beauty in black'. They showcase some of this famous dresses designed and worn by famous people The only name I know was Karl Lagerfield :P The designed the display looking like a runway.

Next, to the Marina Sands. This building consists of 3 towers. Casino, Hotel and Apartment. The viewing deck/sky deck is open for public. Tickets can be purchased at the entrance of the tower for S$20 I think.

 on the viewing deck. On the right side is where the famous infinity pool is. You don't get that effect from this view though.

Finally, we went to this public housing called The Pinnacle @ Duxton. 

This public housing design is really amazing. With sky gardens interconnecting with the towers. If you're wondering what is public housing, it is a development for to make affordable homes for the residence. In Malaysia, we called it 'rumah flat' :P

If this is how 'affordable housing in Malaysia is, count me in!

 Well I guess that's all peeps! On Singapore trip I mean.
Sorry for the looonnngggg delay!


TheFusionTea said...

Wow, thats a big development. Some marinas are nice. The latest i went was at south quoay by e&o.

isma said...

their rumah flat like our condo.if rumah flat kat Malaysia macam ni,i pun nak beli :D

::Ida:: said...

thefusiontea : south quay in penang right?? its called marina but its not really a marina ya know. i didnt see any boat parked there :P

isma : i know right?? i pon nakk!!! :P

Jiji said...

i rasa kalo rumah flat kat Malaysia bawak kesana.. jatuh jd rumah setinggan@!~

::Ida:: said...

jiji : memang ponn!!! why lah we cant have this!!!!???