Friday, May 27, 2011

Ordering Pizza has never been this fun!

I can say that I'm one of the Domino's Pizza's regular customer. We always order pizza from our home and some time, they will throw us some freebies like free breadstix or drinks or anything! That's one of the things I love about Domino's Pizza.

But all these while, I've been ordering Pizza through the phone. So today, for the 1st time, I made an online order from my office. Yes. I am that hungry :P

I never thought online order could be this fun!!! They even have this GPS tracker to I can track where my pizza is. Isn't that cool???

{my pizza is being packed at this moment}

I guess I'm gonna be ordering pizza through online starting from today :P

Okay guys, Im gonna enjoy my pizza now! (dah sampai!!!!!)
Oh btw, it's lava cake is nyummm!!!!!!


rizaros said...

very delicious.... terliur plak.. mahal x kak??

Ahsuez said...

Hye momma! Blogging hopping and found this post of yours.

I did blog something about pizza too! Er.. Deja vu? ;)

Anyways, Dominos rocks! And you are one rocking momma!

::Ida:: said...

ahsuez : oh haiii!!! welcome to my blog!!!

wow.. that means domino's really is that good!!! hehehe.. i macam jakun sket coz it was my 1st time ordering online.. memang jakun gila tengok tracker merah2 tu bergerak... siap tunggu sampai di 'delivery' lol! but seriously. 2 thumbs up to Domino's for being the best pizza deliveries ;)

Ahsuez said...

* I meant blog hopping, mind my berterabur English. :D

I think the GPS tracker baru 1-2 recent months je kot. But yeah, it's cool! I could stare at the tracker dari start preparing, saaaaampai lah delivery. Macam tak de kerja lain je. I mean once a while la. Hahahah..