Monday, October 10, 2011

Hariz turns 2!

It feels like only yesterday I gave birth Hariz and now he is 2! Since he is a little bigger now, we decided to throw him his 2nd birthday bash although his 1st was more like an intimate party with just family members. So this time, we went all out (well almost. belom sampai that stage yet kot :P) We hired a caterer for the foods, customized cake, a little deco on the venue (actually di rumah je)

Anyway, the party was a success for a 1st timer like me hosting a birthday party. Terover budget makanan end up banyak left over and hujan sekejap.

I did all the planning 2 weeks prior the said date. Memang tak sempat nak buat banyak benda but we managed to have a little bit of everything :)

Let's begin with the cakes, found this blog from another blogger and she is based in Kepala Batas, Penang so I decided to give it a try. I ordered cookie crumble flavor cake, moist chocolate cuppies and cheesy pop tarts. I jumped for joy upon receiving the cakes. It was gorgeous and ohh.. they tasted like heaven.. mmmmm....I've never tasted anything like this before. Thanks so much Kak Anne from Liplickin!!!

arent they gorgeous? It's Mickey Mouse theme because Hariz is a huge fan of MM!

the food. well what's left of it :P The food was delicious and sangat sedaapp!! (eh bukan sama ka tu?) hehe.. the food was catered by Kak Anne's aunty, Kak Firyal.and the lasagna was made from Liza, my former colleague!

I did a slideshow of Hariz's photos from he was born.

some of the deco

the birthday boy. We kinda let him do what ever he wanted on that day. It's his birthday afterall. Nak bogel ke, bagi tumpah air ke, tak kisah . Hari tu saje! :P

Im sure he is the happiest person on that day although dia tak tau apa sangat pon :P Yang dia tau banyak makanan and dapat banyak toys

kita orang nanyikan birthday song dia seronok dok blow that thing. And we forgot to light up the candle.

Sara was such a doll on that day. She just play on her own and didn't really bother about me not being with her.

Thank you for those who came and for the presents!!

Happy 2nd Birthday my sweetheart Hariz.

Will upload more photos on Facebook :)


♥ ROS ♥ said...

Wah cptmsa bllu.. Sdap lasagna tu... Hihi... Akk buat ker?

||kiena|| said...

Good job mama! Huhuhu aku pon dah start piki wht for liam thn depan,.. Nak plak sama dgn grenma, family day lg nmpknya,...

::Ida:: said...

ros : itu kak liza yg buat..

kiena : weiii congrats hot mama!!!! nama apa pulak this time. aku rasa next year buat skali ngn sara kot.. hehehe.. sara 1 year, hariz 3 years. bulan dekat2, july and october.. okla kann

Anonymous said...

Hi Ida,
i ordered almost the same thing masa Umar turns 1 from Kak Anne bulan 5 yg lepas. theme mickey juga. Bila nampak gambar cupcakes tu i dah macam, "eh, macam Kak Anne punya hasil kerja je." hihi.

btw, i really thought that u're living in Penang (Island), rupanya Mainland eh. Bcos my place & Kak Anne's place sgtlah dekat :P

Happy Belated Birthday, Hariz!


::Ida:: said...

hi aida!!!
i saw your blog and the cuppies and the cake!!! hehehe.. looks like both our son suka sangat mickey mouse ni.. and i thought u;re in KL boleh??!! hahaha.. skali sama2 utaraaa. :P

and thanks aida!! :D

K'owNeysa said...

cepatnya masa berlalu..neway muka sara dah lain la..
i'm sure Hariz was having so much fun that day and really wish that all of us were there..anyway have a nice day ahead Hariz and become a good boy..definitely a smart and handsome one..luv u..muahss..

ayin MM said...

happy birthday Hariz. ensem boy sungguh! :)

::Ida:: said...

kown : thanks kown! he had a blast!! really do wish you guys were here too. sara dah besar dah. huhuhu. she looks more like hariz now too :P

ayin : thank you aunty ayin!! muackss!!

Zulaikha Mohamad said...

happy 2nd birthday hariz.. dh big boy dh.. and sara pon dh besar.. so cute~

KraftyPalette said...

zulaikha : thanks so much dear. how are you and the baby? bila due?? arsyad pon semakin hensem!!

anna said...

ida!!!bestnya!sayang i xdapat p..huhuhu...

ida..cake hariz lawa n looks yummy....u beli mana??teringinssss..ahahahahaa

Ida said...

anna : tu laa.. i really thought i could see you! i order from the blog. i ada bagi link there. liplickin. mmg sedapp!!

Adlina Husaini said...

salam dear...bestnya anak dah dua ^_^

Ida said...

salam adlina.. hehee.. sangat seronok! they brighten up my day everyday!! :D

Bulat said...

happy belated bfday to ur wonderful kids...btw nice pics!