Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wedding of Reena & Hairil

I hope it's not too late for me to post this in my blog. I know things been pretty hectic these days. the juggling job between carrier, blog design and being a mom and don't forget a wife!

Anyway, I have known Reena since the 1st time I started blogging which was 3 years ago. Although I have never met Reena in person but we get along pretty well until now :)

Luckily Reena is a Penangnite. So when she invited me to her wedding, I feel like it's a golden opportunity to finally meet her! I actually have to free up my schedule for the day and told my hubby 2 weeks in advance and keep reminding him of this event. (Because hubby I ni suka buat plan last minute)

So on Saturday, May 12, 2012, we made it to the wedding held at Setia Pearl Island's Ballroom. Here are some of the photos from the event.
{Iseriously forgot what you call this table}
I met another blogger/twitter friend @Shuzaila. I saw Aida too as we reached the venue and she was about to leave. Tak sempat nak bergambar dengan Aida :(
Usually we will be having trouble eating out because Sara just can't stay put. But we were lucky because Hana ( Ella's daughter) is doing a great job entertaining Sara. Dapat la menikmati lauk kawin Reena yang sedap itu.
Here's the bridge and the groom. I just love these 3 photos. :) Congratulations again Reena. Till we meet again. One day :)


nuruleyda said...

I sampai berhari-hari dok teringat nasi kenduri Reena ni. Anddd comel ok gambar Hairil helping Hariz nak duduk sblh tu :) ehemmmm, dah ada bakat dah tu, Reena! Hehehee...

::Ida:: said...

eh aida u ada blogger acc ke?
i love that photo too! hehe. nampak fatherly sangat :P
okla tu reena. bakat dah ada. senang la u.. hehe

reena said...

Ahahaha! Dia tu memang suka budak-budak. Hariz comel je panjat & letak tangan atas peha my husband. Dia tak takut/malu2 eh? Macam setengah budak, dia malu2. Hehehe.

Table tu i pun tak tau nak panggil apa. Nak kata registration table, bukan guest kena register pun. Nak kata guest book/guest note table, macam besaq sangat plak. LOL.

Glad u guys enjoy the food. Harap maaf kalau ada terkurang apa2 ya ;)

P/S: Finally dapat jugak jumpa u :D

::Ida:: said...

Reena, i suka jugak. hehe. dia malu2 sket. i tak sempat pegi tengok ada apa lagi. husband i amik nasik je. tapi mmg sedap.

ntah bila dpt jumpa lagi. hehe.. soon i hope!

ella said...


so glad dpt meet u guys! sara comel, tp aritu hariz nyorok je kat tepi, xnak kwn hana pon.. so hana main dgn sara je.. dia ingat anak patung kot.

dan yaa lauk kenduri reena mmg sodap! masih teringat2.. ok tiba2 lapar masa taip nih..

Ria said...

OMG, babe!!! reena is my schoolmate!!! and shuzaila too. reena invited all of us but unfortunately i couldn't make it to the wedding, kalo x surprisingly i'll meet u there ... such a small world kan?

::Ida:: said...

@ella : hariz ni pemalu sket (kot!) lama2 dia kenal dia okay je. hehe

@ria : heyy!! what a small world! you shouldve been there too! we camewhore together2 hahaha :P

ak yuyunz said...

love that pelamin.. =)

Anonymous said...

salam, tumpang tanya, kat mana ye boleh dapatkan tie rack?

::Ida:: said...

@ak yuyunz : simple yet nice!!

@anon : wsalam, most of my tie rack scarf beli from a dear friend, Lynn at


belogwalking kat snie :)

::Ida:: said...

@LS-EVERLYNN hi! thank you!! XD

Ain said...

I haven't been reading your blog for ages! Your baby dah besar! I think the last time I commented was while you were pregnant with Sara. Haishhh..


::Ida:: said...

@Ain : Hi Ain!!! haha i pon havent been updating that much too since sara was born. huhu. that;s almost a year ago! she's turning 1 in 3 days. time flies huh?