Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hello 2013! *gasp*

latest custom illustration done 

There are so many things I wish to say yet time has never been kind to me. It's been 7 months since I posted an entry on this blog. The truth is, I am juggling between my fulltime job (9 to 6), motherhood to 2 adorable kids, part time designer for my other 'baby' Krafty Palette now tell me when do I find time to blog?

I love blogging. Looking back at all my posts, make me reminiscing all the memories I have shared with all of you readers. One thing I love about blogging is it's another platform for me to express my feelings and of course to keep it as a journal where I can look back and smile or cry just by reading them.

So as my new resolution (hope it's not too late!) I will try to have at least 4 posts in a month. Monday. Monday seems to be a good day to have new post right? What do you think?

Oh what do you think of the new look? Well I thought it's new year, why not a new look? Just to get the new year mood going :P


mommyNadia said...

All the best babe!

Anyway nice new header *or I yg dah lama tak dtg jugak*

::Ida:: said...

Hi Nadia!
It;s a whole new look! hehe
konon nak bagi semangat to blog again :)

K'owNeysa said...

tolong update blog i juga..dah bosan dgn lay out and same header..;p

::Ida:: said...

K'owNeysa : Boleh! masuk queue yer hahaha :P