Thursday, June 25, 2015

And there were 3

I can't believe the last blog post I did was 2 years ago! How time flies! I was so occupied with work, being a mom to 2 toddlers and being a wife I hardly had time to blog! 
As I was browsing through all my blog posts from the beginning (2009), I feel there a so many things and memories that I didn't get to put in this blog for the kids and me to look back and reminisce all the fun (and sad) times we had. I blame it all on Instagram. 

Anyway, this will be my first post after 2 years of hiatus. 
I have 3 kids now! Can you believe that? I'm a mother of 3! 
Nothing brings more joy and happiness than having these 3 little people as my kids. 
They may be handful but I love them nevertheless.
I will post my labor story later. It's a short one. Trust me.

The kids. My heart and soul


ddjfr said...

congrats dear.

i've been waiting for your blog update. haha. mujurlah ada instagram.. :)

::Ida:: said...

Hehe tu lah dia. Took me 2 years nak update. Penoh habuk dah tapi tetap syg blog ni. Byk memories :)