Saturday, January 2, 2010

A stroll in the park

I got home a bit early yesterday just to fetch Hariz from nursery and take him for a stroll at the nearby park. Hariz was thrilled when we put him in his stroller. Muka masam tu saje je. Dier seronok sebenarnyer :P

The park is just a walking distance from our house. This is like the 1st time me taking Hariz to the park. Sebelum ni abah dier dah bawak dah.

Hariz having a ball at the park.

When we got home it's almost maghrib. Hariz mintak susu pastu terus doze off. Letih kot jalan-jalan kat park. hehe.. duduk dalam stroller je pon. Nanti mama bawak lagi ye Hariz.


tifa said...

cutenye baby :)

waneeda said...

heheh.. thanks tifa! :)