Saturday, March 27, 2010

This is what I enjoy doing the most...

...blogging and blog make over! :P

So how's my layout now? Okay? I feel more like home now :)

I made it all by myself from stratch and I feel good about it.. hheeeee :D

The stuff I did with my background and header are called digi scrap.
You know things you do with your scrap book? 
Well this one you do it online and you can even print them to make your own scrap book!

I get the free digiscrap kit from ShabbyPrincess. {click}
There a few kits available for you to download and the best part, they are all free!!
Anyways, this is how the kit looks like before i turned it into my background :)

The complete kit

The component

It's totally up to you how you wanted to use the kit.
I choose this kit 'Happy go lucky' because it matches my header ;)


Thank you for reading!


aNnAsUe'G said...

hahaha! rajinnye la tak henti2 dr hari tu dok repair2 blog.
i dah stop dah. kene tunggu i boring nnt baru tukar balik. heheh!

::Ida:: said...

hehehehe... tu laa.. i cepat bosan :P kang bosan balik.. buat lagi :D

Shareen Mohd Saleh said...

Ranjinnyer heheheh. I've had this layout for a while. If I redesign it, then have to get other widgets/cbox/adsense to match. Banyak kerja lah pulak *SIGH*

::Ida:: said...

hahaha.. u dont know why but i rasa gembira doing thiss.. heeee :D

~Erna~ said...

Hi k.ida..

Ada tutorial utk tepek2 kit ni & tukar font?Melibatkn HTML x,tentu pening.Saya pn jenis gatal suka tukar2 layout,so nk learn something new.Anyway,TQ!!