Friday, August 20, 2010

Steam Promfret (Bawal Steam)

Finally last week I managed to cook on my own the Steam Promfret. Luckily my mom dropped by our home the day before and I wrote me these recipe. It really is a piece of cake! I can't believe I was able to do it! (even baking a cake is harder) :P

This piece of paper is like a masterpiece. Never loose it! :P

It's kinda hard to find this particular fish here in Seberang Jaya. I don't know Pulau Pinang. So this fish was brought by my mom all the way from Alor Setar okeh :P

Anyway.. this is how to prepare this steam prom-fret my way (well, my mom's way) :P

Ingredients :
  • 1 medium size steam prom-fret (preferably bawal emas/white prom-fret)
  • carrots, tomato, lemongrass (serai), celery, spring onion (daun bawang/sup) - for decorations
  • 7 cloves of garlic (bawang putih)
  • 1 inch of ginger (halia lebih kurang besar ibu jari )
  • 1 tsb of black pepper (if you like it spicy, add more)
  • pinch of salt & sugar 
  • tamarind (asam jawa) to remove the smell  
  • 1 tsbp of oyster sauce
Preparation :
  • Clean fish of all innards and cut slits onto the body of the fish. spread asam jawa all over the fish.put aside
  • crushed all items highlighted all together (i used the traditional lesung batu for this :P) .
  • spread the crushed items all over and leave some inside the fish.
  • put lemongrass, carrots,  spring onion & tomato on the fish
  • pour a bit of water into the container. Just a bit okay?. Say enough to cover half of the fish.
  • leave it for approx.10 minutes (marinate)
To cook :
  • I used microwave to steam the fish. It's so much easier and so does my mom! :P
  • for the steamer, I used one of this corningware to steam the fish. If you don't have this, do not fret. You can used any container that is microwavable ;)
  • Set the microwave with medium-high. In my case, there's an setting button for steam fish. Says there medium-high for steaming and approx 10 minutes. (sekejap je kan?

  • make sure the container must be closed!
and voila!! I give you the steam prom-fret!!!

Okay, I'm not much of a recipe writing person :P
So if you find this a bit confusing, let me know :D

Good luck!


mar!ahaf!z said...

thanks.. it looks YUM!

easy eh? skrg ni i pun into steamed dishes.. senang sgt.. healthier than goreng2 kan?

::Ida:: said...

i know rite!!! ez pz!
and healthy! even sambil2 tu suap kat hariz sket.. suka diaa!!! :P

Suzie said...

pomfret fish steam is a healthy dish...must try as one of my ramadhan dishes as hubby gets easily bored with chicken..haihh..

btw thanks ida for the recipe! ;)

4 Kay-E said...

Wah.. Nampak senang je stim ikan guna microwave ye...
Sungguh menawan hasilnya.
Thanks for the recipe.

m4ruk0 said...

oh thank you very much for the recipe ;)

z a t i said...

waahh, siang2 cam gini gulp gulp bunyi. perot da berdangdut.. hehe..nanti balik rumah leh cuba ;D

reena said...

Alaa comel resepi lekat kat fridge. Hehe.

::Ida:: said...

suzie : healthy in deed! cuma nak carik ikan ni susah sket. kalau pakai ikan lain boleh jugak kot.. cuma rasa bawal lagi sedaappp :P
p/s : i berbuka today nak masak ini lagi!!!

4 Kay-E : hehehe.. sbb rasa nyer almost semua org ade microwave so why not kan?tekan2 je :P

m4ruk0 : no problem at all! :D

z a t i : heheh.. cubaaa jgn tak cubaa!!! :D

reena : hahah.. senang jer gitu.. tak susah nak carik :P