Monday, November 15, 2010

Our little family vacay - Kuching, Sarawak

This entry is supposed backdated. Kept in the draft folder for so long (trying to think what to write). All I had was the photos. I can't post just photos can I?

Okay. So on with our Kuching trip. We went there almost a week ago during the Deepavali holiday. It was more like a company trip as we went in a group of 15 people. 

We booked Airasia for this trip. Departed from Penang airport at 0950 and arrived 2 hours later ( honestly, I've been having nightmare about this. Selalu mimpi tertinggal flight. Kes 11/9 aritu laa. huhuhu) But alhamdulillah, the bridge was okay. We arrived at the airport at 0830. But the queue was &)*)+*)&. We had to wait for almost an hour for our turn!!

Anyway, Hariz was thrilled! (he hardly know what's going on). Been running here and there. But sampai je atas flight, terus pengsan. He slept all the way from Penang to Kuching! How cool is that!! Hehehe

We stayed at The Lime Tree Hotel in Kuching. It's a new boutique hotel located at the Abell Street. I'd say 15-20 minutes walking distance to the Kuching Waterfront. I love the friendly environment. All staff were very friendly. The room is clean and neat. The food at the cafe was not so bad. I love the Laksa Sarawak! (sorry no photos. Busy chasing Hariz everytime we were at the lobby)

We went to the river front right after we checked in and freshen up. They were having some kind of event there at the waterfront.

Me and Hariz in front of the Margarita fort and the new DUN building behind.

There's not much thing to do at the water front, so we went across the street to the row of souvenir shops. Bought few fridge magnets and t-shirts. Wished I could buy all those vase and decorations. Tapi nanti banyak pulak barang nak bawak balik. huhuhuhu.

Later that night, we went to have dinner at the famous seafood spot in Kuching called the Topspot. It's located at the rooftop of a carpark. It's a foodcourt selling almost all kind of seafood you could ever find. We had a hard time looking for one. They all look the same!

In the end, we picked the last stall at the end of the food court. Simply because less crowd there. It's kinda hard to push a stroller with the crowds. Since they all look almost the same why not here :) Aman sikit.

This is what we had :

- 1 lobster
- 8 prawns (big ones)
- 2 crabs
- 1 fish
- 1 some kind of siput. forgot it's name. looks like small bamboo.
- 1 sayur midin (photos below)
- 1 mixed veggie
- 1 tomyam
-  drinks and rice

Honestly, the food was overwhelming! and there's only 2 of us to eat! (ya Wan got carried away picking the food. rambang mata kata nya)

I really can't finished the whole meal. It's too many!!!

Then we played the guessing game. Guess the price. They said it's cheap here. But we don't know how cheap! So I guessed RM200. 

And we got the receipt, to my surprised, it's not RM200!! Not even close!!!!! It's Rm125!!!!! Wow!
It is cheap!!! so we went there again the next day :P

On the following day, we went to the Sarawak Cultural Village, Santubong. The trip was about 45 minutes from our hotel by bus. It's kinda the must go place if you're ever in Sarawak. 

The cultural performance was... well.. okay.. a little yawn here and there.Luckily it didn't take too long. We just like it there because of the air-conditioning :P

I love all the traditional houses. Very traditional :) Love the long house too. Hariz can't help by running back and forth.

And later we went to the Kek Lapis factory. Honestly I'm not much of a fan of kek lapis. So I just bought 4 for the family. But they sure do look tempting with all the colours no? :)

Finally, we headed to the Satok market. The market is not like our ordinary night market (pasar malam). It only opens on Saturday at noon until the next Sunday noon. So basically it opens for 24 hours. Only on that day and time. That's why it is called the Sunday Night Market.

There were so many things you can get here at the Satok Market, from the wet stuff (fish, meat) to the dry stuff (souvenirs).

This is the midin veggie we had the night earlier. Something like the paku pakis. I never saw this in Peninsular. Sangat sedap masak goreng belacan. SlurrppP!! I should've bought home some. *sigh*

and of course. The famous terubuk masin. I'm not a fan too but Wan loves it. We packed home about 6 of it. They were pretty much dried when we got home. Which is okay :)

These fished will be packed neatly in a box for us tourist to bring home. I guess this is normal here that they have already prepared boxes for us. Very convenient :)

We headed home on the Sunday morning. To sum it up, I pretty much enjoy the trip. Especially walking around the town with Hariz. :)

I guess that's that! :)
Have a nice day!!


Ainul said...

thanx ida utk entry ni..baru plan nk p sarawak next year...terbayang-bayang lobster..yummy!!

::Ida:: said...

hi ainul!!!
glad could help!
banyak lagi places yg kitaorg tak dapat pegi like river cruise, kucing museum (alasan susah nak bawak hariz :P)

and oh! the seafood there! homaigod!
i masih terbayang2 tomyam dia n sayur midin tu.. rasa nak pegi lagi tapi makan kat situ jee :P

Suzie said...

sayur midin tu mmg paku pakis kot sbb rupa dia sebijik paku pakis cuma org sana agaknya panggil lain nama je ...i mmg big fan of kek lapis!!tak boleh tolak punya mmg tempting ;)

nazirafarahinomar said...

ohh,saya sukaa kek lapis!hehe :pp
sedapnyaa dapat makan seafood dengan murah!ayah i slalu bawak balik udang, sampai kitorang satu fmly tengok udang tuh slumber jekk (berlagak siott)

p!nkerton said...

oh dulu i pun makan kat topspot, sedappp & murah ;) *ah now dah terbayang2 ketam nestum* (ketam lembik salut dgn nestum, sedap giler hokeh tskk!

::Ida:: said...

suzie : tu la.. maybe sini susah nak carik kot? or org tak penah makan??

i tak tau naper tak minat kek lapis. ader la beli satu for me nak rasa, tapi chocolate flavor.sepotong je lepas :P

nazira : wo.. panjang nyer id name u. hehehe..
ayah u slalu pegi sarawak ke? i pon nak bawak balik udang aritu.. tapi beg dah penoh (dengan barang2 hariz :P)

pinkerton : ketam nestumm??? naper kitaorg tak tahu ponn??? terpaksa la pegi skali lagi kannnn :P

reena said...

Colorful gambar2 u! :D

Not a fan of kek lapis too. Kadang dia sedap, kadang tak.

::Ida:: said...

reena : cantik kan? tapi i tak tertarik sangat pon. maybe because it's too packed and masam2 tu.. mcm tak kena youuuu

dona::rose said...

wah ida, sampai hati datang kuching but didnt even plan to meet us :P

::Ida:: said...

dona : oloh.. soo sorry dona. mmg tak berkesempatan. 3 days 2 nights is really short.

and you know what, i kept telling myself nasib baik we didnt meet. kalau idak mesti sheraz kena jangkit ngn hariz. huhuhu.. luckily. :)

maybe next time when we stayed there longer :D

Zaidong said...

Topspot tu saya rekemen gerai no.25. =)