Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Latest trend in Muslimah Clothing

It's been 3 weeks since I gave birth to my little darling angel and I am really looking forward to balik kampung and meet the families. Now you might think I will be wearing just jubah for Hari Raya since I just gave birth, well think again! I have already prepared my baju raya since before I was 34 weeks pregnant. Ha ha! Talk about determination! And of course my baju raya has to be breasfeeding friendly, so I bought myself a kebaya kimono. 

Talking about raya fashion, since the past few years, the fashion industry is booming with Islamic fashion and modern muslimah women are always thirsty to try out the new trends. Fashion designers are always working their best to provide to various fashion audiences with new creative ideas for muslimah women to enjoy. Every year new trends will come in to wow everyone and some may last for quite a while. However, if you are the type of individuals who love fashion but hardly have the time to research on new trends, here are some to give you some information about. Among the trending forecast of muslimah clothing fashion for 2015 could be seen as below.

1. Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses have been in the fashion industry since the early times and it is one which will never get lost in time. This is because maxi dresses have that versatile element which makes it perfect for women to flaunt to any places or occasions. Whether to work, a date, dinner parties or a casual day out running errands, maxi dresses will never make you look out of place. Besides that, it has that modest yet feminine touch that fits the Islamic image of women. Choose from the various stunning maxi dress designs available in the market and show it off with confidence.

2. Kebaya kimono

Kebaya kimono is a new fashion muslimah piece that definitely suits muslimah women of all ages. It could be serve as an outerwear for your top or act as a blouse. This kebaya kimono can be turned from formal to casual wear by simply mix matching with other pieces of clothing. 

3.  Hijab styles

Another muslimah fashion trend which has been evolving and developing throughout the years are the multiple styles of hijabs. Muslimah women create various hijab looks to a more modern approach to fit their personality. Besides that, women who are thinking about changing their hijab looks can simply watch tutorials on Youtube.

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